Sweet Haven Trilogy

Where Forever Lies (Sweet Haven, #1) – Available Now!!! 


Where Forever Lies Cover

Where Forever Lies

Book Description:

Just as grief threatens to consume her, fate grabs her hand and leads her out of the darkness. 

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when life gives you a chaotic mess of grief, but Paige Griffin is determined to make a good life for her and her three-year old daughter, Kyra. At twenty-three, she juggles her days as a nurse, with the rest of her time being a single mother. Too busy to know which way is up, she doesn’t give dating much thought until one guy makes a sudden impact on her life. 

Tyler Evans seems like a nice guy, good looking even, but Paige is hesitant about letting a guy into her and her daughter’s life, especially when he seems just as closed off as she. But once Paige keeps running into Tyler and his eight-year-old son, Brandon, she begins to realize that there’s more to him than she thought. 

Eventually, they both find themselves unable to keep their guards up any longer; but can a country boy and a city girl make a relationship work? As they both question their love, they realize that sometimes fate has its own plan for where your forever lies. 

***This is book one in a trilogy but each book can stand-alone***

***Due to sexual content, this novel is intended for audiences ages 18+***


With a Brave Heart (Sweet Haven, #2) – Available Now!!!

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Book Description:

It only took one letter to make every painful memory resurface. But it took Kyleigh Helton thirteen years to bury those memories. The question in that letter will force her to make a difficult decision. Forgive, or continue to let resentment and anger consume her fragile core.

The simple life she craves seems miles away when she’s dealing with an ex who won’t let her go and a boyfriend whose problems mimic a past she’d rather forget.

She realizes it’s time for things to change. But every decision and change she makes has a consequence, and she begins to wonder if she’s brave enough to handle them.

David Madison has been struggling with guilt and grief since his brother’s death and finds comfort in the one thing Kyleigh despises. When a phone call pushes him over the edge and guilt consumes him even more, he breaks a promise to Kyleigh that threatens to tear them apart.

As quickly as things fall back into place, his world shatters again, pushing him to the breaking point, and he begins to wonder how much more he can take before he turns to the one addiction that started it all.

But he can’t. He promised. He needs to stay strong for Kyleigh. Because now she needs him more than ever, and he won’t let her down again.

***This is book two in a trilogy but each book can stand-alone***

***Due to sexual content and language, this novel is intended for audiences ages 18+***

***This book was previously published under the title, Fragile Simplicity. Only the title and dedication has changed. Everything else is exactly the same.***

When Love Ignites (Sweet Haven, #3) – Coming Fall 2016!!!



Photo by Casey Boyett

Models: Courtney Boyett and Willis Totten

Cover Designed by Najla Qamber Designs

Book Description:

Everything threatens to tear them apart, but when a love like theirs ignites, the flames are always smoldering beneath the ashes.

Relationships have never come easy for Brooke, and when things begin to heat up between her and the sexy, new doctor, she thinks this may finally be her time for love. But just as their relationship starts to ignite, life pulls them apart when her estranged sister calls, needing help. With her sister, Casey, in trouble, Brooke makes the difficult decision to leave everything and everyone behind and move to New York City to be closer to her. Even though it may end her new relationship with Ethan, it’s a risk she has to take, because the news her sister has and the fear in her voice tells her she has no choice.

Ethan has everything he’s ever wanted in life, but he has yet to fall in love. There have been plenty of one night stands, but he’s never felt that connection with a woman… until Brooke. As the sparks fly, he knows he’s found the one. But then she tells him she’s moving away, and suddenly he’s hit with fear like he’s never felt before. He’ll do anything to keep the woman of his dreams, but what happens if life doesn’t give him a choice?

***This is book two in a trilogy but each book can stand-alone***

***Due to sexual content and language, this novel is intended for audiences ages 18+***


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