New Project!

I’m so excited about this new book I’m working on that I had to share a tiny bit of info about it. I’ve just started writing it, but I’m already loving it. I’ve been thinking about this story since the middle of last year. This book will be a stand-alone, horror novel set in the frigid temperatures of Alaska. I absolutely hate cold weather so I thought snowy, cold Alaska would make a great setting to creep me out, Lol. Plus, there are supernatural beings involved. There is going to be plenty of blood and gore which, combined with the other elements of the story, will make for a perfect horror novel. I cannot wait to get this book going! Keep an eye out for more information later.

Also, I’m currently writing, Under Haunted Skies (A Mia Rushton Mystery, #2), which is coming along great! I’m about 20% through it now and each page gets creepier and creepier 🙂  I can’t wait for you to see where the ghosts take Mia in this story. I’ll try to post some teasers soon!


Huge Giveaway!

How would you like to win an eBook of my paranormal mystery, When the Dead Whisper? Well, you can during the month of March! There is a huge giveaway going on, and When the Dead Whisper, along with tons of other awesome books that have kick-butt female characters are up for grabs. Don’t miss out! Just enter the rafflecopter for your chance to win one of the many books listed below. Good Luck! 🙂

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New Cover Alert!

Guess what? When the Dead Whisper has a brand new cover! I’m so excited, I think it fits the book perfectly. Najla Qamber Designs did an awesome job and I love working with her on new projects.


A little update on what I’ve been working on lately. Right now I’m writing Fragile Simplicity (Sweet Haven #2). I’m halfway done with it and it’s coming along great! Once I’m done with that book, up next is Under Haunted Skies (Mia Rushton #2). Then, I plan on finishing the Sweet Haven trilogy with the final book – title still unknown. So, several exciting books coming up and several more ideas in my head for new projects! 2015 will be a very busy year 🙂

Cover Reveal for Under Haunted Skies (A Mia Rushton Mystery #2)

I’m really excited to show you the cover for Under Haunted Skies. I absolutely love it. I’m working on this book now, so I’ll have more details about a release date in the near future. Here’s the Goodreads link if you want to add it to your ‘to read’ list.

Goodreads – Under Haunted Skies

Under Haunted Skiesebook

Already Dead Cover Reveal!

I’m excited to show you the new cover for Rebecca Rogers Already Dead. It has an expected publication date of March 7th 2014, so mark your calenders for its release. This looks like a great series and I’ll definitely be adding it to my ‘to read’ list for 2014. So…here it is

Already Dead[2]

Laney Tipps wasn’t planning on returning to Lichburn ever again, especially after her unconscious body was found by her boyfriend. But sometimes life—and the afterlife—throws obstacles at a person from every direction. When Laney returns to Lichburn with Sara, her former spirit guide, she was prepared to move on, not get stuck in the all-too-familiar gray world, performing her civil duties.
The Elders have all agreed that Laney is perfect for their newest job: locating the soul responsible for creating rifts in the veil between reality and the Shadowlands. If she wants to move on to Rosewood, however, she must find the soul as soon as possible, because if she doesn’t, the rifts will become too vast to seal, and the dead will walk among the living.

Goodreads Link:

Under Haunted Skies Teaser!!!

I’m currently working on book two in the Mia Rushton series so I decided to share a teaser from it. I hope you all enjoy it!

Under Haunted Skies (A Mia Rushton Mystery #2)

© Tara Neideffer

 Under Haunted Skies (A Mia Rushton Mystery #2)

     A noise behind me draws my attention away from the floor and I yank around, prepared to see something or someone, but the room is empty. Whatever this thing is, it likes to play games, that’s for sure. Movement catches my eye and I look in front of me. The two round lights hanging on each side of the old, white mirror are swaying back and forth, looking like two pendulums. I watch them move in unison-back and forth, back and forth-and feel the air begin to slowly shift around me. It starts twirling and spinning in the small bathroom, building up speed as the lights begin to sway faster.

    I suddenly find myself staring into the mirror, almost as if the two lights are forcing me to. My blue eyes are dazed, my face looks pale and my long black hair is blowing gently behind me. If I could think straight, I’d think how creepy and fucked up this looks. But I feel like I’m in a trance. I just want it to stop before it drives me mad…or worse.

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Since this is my favorite day of the year, I have made my first book, Deadly Road free from now through Sunday. Now is a perfect time to pick up your copy and enjoy a good, scary read on Halloween night 🙂

While your’re there, you can also check out my new release, When the Dead Whisper.