Book News!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’ve made a small change to one of my books. The title for Fragile Simplicity (Sweet Haven Book 2) has now been changed to, With a Brave Heart (Sweet Haven Book 2). I think this title fits the story perfectly and also flows better with the other two books in the trilogy. The story itself remains exactly the same.

Here is the new title and the link to Amazon. This book, along with, Where Forever Lies, will be on sale for .99 cents starting July 27th until August 3rd. I’ll send out a reminder post the day it goes on sale.

~Tara Neideffer~

Amazon Buy Link (With a Brave Heart)



New Release and a Sale!!!

Hey everyone!

Since Fragile Simplicity is now live, I’ve decided to price Where Forever Lies at $1.99 for a limited time. I am currently writing Book 3  in this trilogy, so keep an eye out for more information and a cover reveal! Release!

New Cover Alert!

Guess what? When the Dead Whisper has a brand new cover! I’m so excited, I think it fits the book perfectly. Najla Qamber Designs did an awesome job and I love working with her on new projects.


A little update on what I’ve been working on lately. Right now I’m writing Fragile Simplicity (Sweet Haven #2). I’m halfway done with it and it’s coming along great! Once I’m done with that book, up next is Under Haunted Skies (Mia Rushton #2). Then, I plan on finishing the Sweet Haven trilogy with the final book – title still unknown. So, several exciting books coming up and several more ideas in my head for new projects! 2015 will be a very busy year 🙂

Already Dead Cover Reveal!

I’m excited to show you the new cover for Rebecca Rogers Already Dead. It has an expected publication date of March 7th 2014, so mark your calenders for its release. This looks like a great series and I’ll definitely be adding it to my ‘to read’ list for 2014. So…here it is

Already Dead[2]

Laney Tipps wasn’t planning on returning to Lichburn ever again, especially after her unconscious body was found by her boyfriend. But sometimes life—and the afterlife—throws obstacles at a person from every direction. When Laney returns to Lichburn with Sara, her former spirit guide, she was prepared to move on, not get stuck in the all-too-familiar gray world, performing her civil duties.
The Elders have all agreed that Laney is perfect for their newest job: locating the soul responsible for creating rifts in the veil between reality and the Shadowlands. If she wants to move on to Rosewood, however, she must find the soul as soon as possible, because if she doesn’t, the rifts will become too vast to seal, and the dead will walk among the living.

Goodreads Link:

Writing Goals for 2014

With 2014 finally here, I’ve been thinking about what my goals are as an author, so I’ve decided to put a short blog post announcing what I’m currently working and making it my list of goals for myself.

I’m currently working on two series right now so I’ve got my hands full with those. My goal is to have my contemporary romance trilogy all completed this year with Where Forever Lies being book one and having a publication date of March 2014.

I also want to publish two more books this year in the Mia Rushton series. I’m currently working on book two in this series titled Under Haunted Skies. I don’t have a date yet but I’m aiming for around April or so. I have a good start on it already and have it plotted out, so it’s just a matter of sitting down and writing it.

I plan on it being a big publishing year for me and I’m really looking forward to 2014. I wish you all the best in your goals and want to say thank you to everyone who has read my books. Your support means a lot to me!

–Tara Neideffer

Teaser Time!!!!

Here’s a teaser from my upcoming contemporary romance novel, Where Forever Lies. Enjoy!

Where Forever Lies – Coming Soon!

©Tara Neideffer

As Paige got up and started pacing the living room, her mind flashed to memories of him. She heard Kyleigh in the distance, mumbling something, but she couldn’t make her mind listen to what she was saying. Her mind was drifting, sailing away into a blur of confusion. She felt lost and she felt the hot tears rolling down her face. She shoved her fist into her mouth to stifle her sobs. She couldn’t wake Kyra up now and let her see her this way. Her stomach churned from the shocking news and she found herself pushing the end button on the phone without saying goodbye. She sat down on her couch and curled herself into a ball. Her living room was dark- just like her thoughts- and for hours she just sat there, feeling numb. She was alone, the only thing keeping her company were her haunting memories.

What was she going to tell Kyra?

When the Dead Whisper is Live!!

When the Dead Whisper is now live on Amazon. I’m working on getting it up on Barnes & Noble, and as soon as I get it on there, I’ll post the link to that. I’m so excited to finally have it finished and I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it 🙂