New Horror Release!!!

I’m very happy to share with you a new release today by Author Lauren Algeo. I love a good horror book and what could make it better? Throw in a little science fiction. These first two books in the trilogy look really good and I’ll definitely be adding them to my to-read list.

It’s time…

Today, author Lauren Algeo releases the second novel in her Hikers Trilogy, Hikers Part Two: Passion.

In this second part, Scott Brewer travels to America following the tragedy at the Grand’s house, and teams up with Mitch Baines, aka Striker25. Starting in Philadelphia, they begin to hunt the surviving hikers and along the way they meet Ellen MacIntosh, a woman with a deep desire for revenge on one particular hiker. Together they journey across the states, encountering death, pain, love, and the most terrifying possibility of them all – is the Grand somehow back from the dead?

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About the Author:

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Lauren Algeo is a twenty-eight year old graphic designer from London, who currently writes part time. The first part of the Hikers Trilogy, Hikers Part One: Power, was published in January 2013, followed by her second novel, The Perfect Date, in June 2013. She mainly writes in the horror and thriller genres and also has several short horror stories published online.

To grab your copy of Hikers Part One and Two click on the links below:

Or alternatively, visit her Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news and book links.


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