Under Haunted Skies Teaser!!!

I’m currently working on book two in the Mia Rushton series so I decided to share a teaser from it. I hope you all enjoy it!

Under Haunted Skies (A Mia Rushton Mystery #2)

© Tara Neideffer

 Under Haunted Skies (A Mia Rushton Mystery #2)

     A noise behind me draws my attention away from the floor and I yank around, prepared to see something or someone, but the room is empty. Whatever this thing is, it likes to play games, that’s for sure. Movement catches my eye and I look in front of me. The two round lights hanging on each side of the old, white mirror are swaying back and forth, looking like two pendulums. I watch them move in unison-back and forth, back and forth-and feel the air begin to slowly shift around me. It starts twirling and spinning in the small bathroom, building up speed as the lights begin to sway faster.

    I suddenly find myself staring into the mirror, almost as if the two lights are forcing me to. My blue eyes are dazed, my face looks pale and my long black hair is blowing gently behind me. If I could think straight, I’d think how creepy and fucked up this looks. But I feel like I’m in a trance. I just want it to stop before it drives me mad…or worse.


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