Teaser Time!!!!

Here’s a teaser from my upcoming contemporary romance novel, Where Forever Lies. Enjoy!

Where Forever Lies – Coming Soon!

©Tara Neideffer

As Paige got up and started pacing the living room, her mind flashed to memories of him. She heard Kyleigh in the distance, mumbling something, but she couldn’t make her mind listen to what she was saying. Her mind was drifting, sailing away into a blur of confusion. She felt lost and she felt the hot tears rolling down her face. She shoved her fist into her mouth to stifle her sobs. She couldn’t wake Kyra up now and let her see her this way. Her stomach churned from the shocking news and she found herself pushing the end button on the phone without saying goodbye. She sat down on her couch and curled herself into a ball. Her living room was dark- just like her thoughts- and for hours she just sat there, feeling numb. She was alone, the only thing keeping her company were her haunting memories.

What was she going to tell Kyra?


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